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Rights of Injured Workers in Indianapolis, IN

What is workers' compensation?

Workers' compensation is an accident insurance program. Indiana law requires most businesses to provide workers' compensation to employees, and you are covered by the benefits from the first day that you are on the job. Workers' compensation is paid to you by your employer in the event of an accident or death.

Under the Workers' Compensation Act of Indiana, most compensation programs cover basic needs to help you return to work quickly and include:

  • Medical assistance
  • Rehabilitation treatment
  • Income / financial benefits

If you have been injured while working and have workers' compensation insurance, you could have grounds to file a workers' compensation claim. It is important to file a claim with the help of our Indianapolis workers' compensation attorney within 30 days of your accident. If you fail to file on time, your claim could be denied.

Know Your Rights after a Work-Related Accident

Depending on the nature of your injuries, you could be eligible for different types of workers' compensation payments. The Indiana Workers' Compensation Act sets some limitations on your workers' compensation benefits - such as recompense for pain and suffering - but with the help of our firm's experienced Indiana workers' compensation attorney, your recovery can be maximized.

Your benefits could include any of the following:

  • Temporary Total Payments - maximum period of 500 weeks
  • Temporary Partial Payments - maximum period of 300 weeks
  • Permanent Total Payments - maximum period of 500 weeks
  • Permanent Partial Impairment Payments - based on medical assessment, payable in a lump sum

Individuals who are awarded workers' compensation benefits in Indiana will be paid according to the categories and associated payment periods listed above. Most compensation awards can be issued as a lump sum or disbursed incrementally.

Bring Experience to Your Case

Additional work-related illnesses and injuries can manifest many years after the original date of injury. Unfortunately, some illnesses aren't caught during early stages. This can result in even more serious injuries or, in some cases, can even be fatal. If you have sustained a work-related injury in Indiana, retain our firm's experienced Indianapolis workers' compensation lawyer from the outset.

At the Law Offices of Daniel L. Quigley, our firm strives to provide you with effective legal representation to help maximize your compensation to secure sufficient damages and minimize your risk for additional legal complications. We have experienced firsthand how devastating an injury can be for a victim and their loved ones. There is no better way to assert your right to sound legal counsel than to enlist the services of the Law Offices of Daniel L. Quigley!

Call a Compassionate Indiana Workers' Compensation Lawyer

As an injured worker, you need to know that you have rights! The Indiana workers' compensation lawyer at the Law Offices of Daniel L. Quigley can pursue your rightful compensation, but your case first requires action. Attorney Quigley has more than 15 years of experience and will work directly with you to keep you informed of your rights.

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