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Indianapolis Construction Accident Attorney

Many workers' compensation cases in Indiana are the result of construction accidents. When a worker is injured on a construction site because the contractor, a site worker, or the site employer failed to maintain safety standards, the accident victim may be eligible to pursue compensation by filing a claim against the liable party or parties. If you have been involved in a construction accident in Indiana, the Indianapolis workers' compensation lawyer from the Law Offices of Daniel L. Quigley can help ensure that your right to recovery is protected.

The Law Offices of Daniel L. Quigley has dedicated more than 15 years of legal practice to helping injured construction workers. Attorney Quigley has handled numerous workers' compensation claims over the years and zealously advocates for the rights of injured workers throughout Indianapolis, Indiana. When you or your loved one has been injured at a construction site, our firm can help you establish liability in order to maximize your compensation so that you can move on with your life.

Types of Construction Accident Cases We Handle in Indiana

The sooner you speak with our Indiana construction accident attorney, the faster our firm can examine your claims. At the Law Offices of Daniel L. Quigley, we thoroughly investigate the root cause of all construction accidents to determine liability. By establishing that your injuries are not a result of your own misconduct, we can review your claim and build a strong case for you.

This effective approach, combined with years of experience and an intense ambition for seeking justice for clients, is what has made the Law Offices of Daniel L. Quigley so successful. Our firm is dedicated to helping men and women who have been harmed while working at construction sites.

We handle cases involving the following types of injuries and incidents:

  • Amputation claims
  • Slip and fall accidents
  • Back injuries due to repetitive stress
  • Accidents involving heavy machinery
  • Head injuries caused by falling equipment
  • Spinal injuries sustained in scaffolding or ladder accidents
  • Injuries caused by malfunctioning or defective equipment

Construction property owners, contractors, developers, and employers are required to adhere to specific construction zone safety standards. Unfortunately, not all employers comply with these standards. At the Law Offices of Daniel L. Quigley, our firm believes that no excuse can justify your injuries. If your employer's violation of a safety regulation contributed to causing or directly caused your accident, we can work to hold the liable party or parties responsible for your injuries. Oftentimes, construction accidents involve several negligent parties, including manufacturers of defective equipment.

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Indianapolis Workers' Compensation Attorney Daniel L. Quigley understands how workers' compensation and construction laws intersect and influence one another. We can begin working on your case so that you can recover fair compensation and return to work as quickly and painlessly as possible.

If you have been injured on a job site, contact our firm to schedule a case evaluation right away.

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