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Paraplegic Cases

Indianapolis Workers’ Compensation for Paraplegia Accidents

Paraplegia is characterized as the impairment or loss of motor and sensory function of the lower extremities, typically caused by injury to the spinal cord or the brain sometimes considered paralysis. The legs are physically not injured but the signals from the brain and spinal cord are disabled, cutting off the ability to voluntary control and move the lower extremities. Paraplegia patients often need long term medical care as well as at home and overall personal assistance. Daily life is forever changed by these types of accidents, and as such, you deserve to receive the compensation required to help you live in this new world. Our Indianapolis workers’ compensation attorney will fight for you to receive the care, financial compensation and coverage that you need to rebuild your life to accommodate your new circumstances as a paraplegic man or woman. We know that you need to make changes to your home, your vehicle, and will need therapy and rehabilitation that will allow you to find independence. Let us help you and give you a voice.

Work Accidents Causing Paraplegia

Brain and spinal cord injuries that result in paraplegia are caused by severe, serious accidents. If this kind of accident occurs at your workplace, you need to be sure that your employer and workers’ compensation representative take your situation seriously.

Work accidents that may cause paraplegia include:

  • Falls from high places
  • Structural collapse
  • Explosions
  • Object falling onto your body
  • Heavy machinery accidents
  • Vehicle related accidents

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