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If you have been injured in a work-related accident in Indianapolis, the last thing that you need is more problems. Your choice in an Indianapolis workers' compensation attorney will be crucial to your case. Don't add to the stress of life after an accident. Enlist the service of the Law Offices of Daniel L. Quigley!

Attorney Daniel L. Quigley has more than 12 years of experience representing injured workers throughout Indiana. His extensive experience combined with his unparalleled drive to fight for justice on behalf of his clients is what has made the Law Offices of Daniel L. Quigley so successful. When you are in need of a legal professional who can guide you through the confusing claims process and help you achieve a satisfactory outcome, Attorney Quigley is the Indiana workers' compensation lawyer to trust.

Types of Cases Our Indianapolis Workers' Compensation Firm Handles

If you choose to retain our firm, we would be proud to offer the same high-quality legal representation that has helped our past clients. We have seen nearly every type of workers' compensation claim and every type of work-related injury possible. Attorney Quigley can provide experienced representation for all types of work-related accidents and injuries, including but not limited to:

  • Amputations
  • Shoulder, neck, and back injuries
  • Joint, knee, and hip injuries
  • Paralysis and quadriplegia
  • Carpal tunnel syndrome
  • Stress fractures
  • Leg and foot injuries
  • Traumatic head injuries
  • Spinal cord injuries

At the Law Offices of Daniel L. Quigley, we are proud to offer services that are highly focused, personalized, and straightforward. We know that effective representation can help our clients maximize their chances of compensation, so we take a smart approach to your claims. Our firm has helped secure satisfactory results for countless clients in the past.

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Your injury demands the attention of an Indiana workers' compensation lawyer who can offer compassionate, caring, yet effective legal representation. You deserve a successful case result and to move on from this time of trauma and stress with the benefits you need. That is why each of our clients works directly with Attorney Quigley, and he can offer one-on-one attention and aggressive representation.

As an injured worker in Indiana, you have rights. Perhaps one of the most powerful resources you can have after an accident is an experienced lawyer. At the Law Offices of Daniel L. Quigley, we will put in the time and effort that is necessary to help you return to work as quickly and painlessly as possible!

Contact our firm to schedule a free case evaluation regarding any workers' compensation matter. We work on a contingency-fee basis. That means our clients do not have to pay fees unless benefits are recovered for you! We have several office locations for your convenience, so call now to get started!

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Daniel Quigley was able to obtain a large six figure settlement for me after I injured my back at work. He exceeded my expectations and was by my side from day one. Great job Daniel and thanks for all of your hard work! - Steven Sawyer